Categories vs Tags

Categories and Tags appear in search engines. But it would be foolish to label each post with the exact names for both categories and tags.

Categories describe the main point of the post.

You can easily apply 20 main points. But categories are usually found in the main menu. You can’t put 100 categories with many of them overlapping.

Tags tag individual elements in your post.

My travel to Ayutthaya is categorised under Ayutthaya travels but I have tags like stupa. I can connect a few posts each with a brief mention of stupa but the category itself is definitely not stupa unless your entire post is about stupa. But even then how many posts can one have about stupa that it merits an entire category with many posts about stupa.

My website already has a .sg extension, hence there is no need for variations of dance class and dance class singapore.

Let’s understand tags a little better. Facebook allows us to tag our friends. So if the tag John appears on search engine, you will see all the posts John was tagged in. But the photo is unlikely to be about John, but say a class photo.

Automatically know what to tag once you have enough material

Click into the individual tags. Once you browse the posts in them, you will start to feel that certain posts do not belong in them.

As you write more and more, you consolidate phase. You will know better how to tag

For a while, some tags really look overlapping. But now there are certain differences in nuances. Owning a business and so on.

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