personalised leather gifts singapore

The two tiers of personalised gifts

With the proliferation of mass customisations and DIY projects, consumers are increasingly searching for ever more interesting gifts for their loved ones, friends, as well as for the self.

Basic personalised gifts

personalised gifts singapore

We are not foreign to gifts with our names neatly laser engraved or debossed on them. They can range from notebooks to more premium gifts such as leather items.

personalised gifts singapore

One can even deboss personal messages in gold foil as in this example from Hocks-Alcis Handmade.

I would like to gloss these over as these services are a dime a dozen.

Pinnacle of personalised gifts

personalised leather gifts singapore

The only brand you need is yours.

Broadway Leather Company x Keching

The next tier of premium personalised gifts are products attached with custom metal logo tags bearing your loved ones’ personal brand.

Broadway Leather Company mints said metal logo accessories for those heavily vested in their personal brand such as professionals and celebrities, especially those maximising their exposure online using social media tools, podcast and the likes etc.

logo design singapore

Never mind if your logo is more suited for digital use and is one that is seemingly impossible to be made into a physical product.

Broadway Leather Company bridges that design gap for her clients. Please gain an insight into their design process here:

To understand this service better, juxtapose the prospect of your personal logo being made into a proper social-media-worthy premium quality tags by Broadway Leather Company, with those commercially mass manufactured generic charms and studs coincidentally bearing your name or initials, if they are at all suitable for the use of fixing onto your personal items.


Perhaps the most pertinent question is the price. One can get a set of 10 personalised logo accessories for half the price of a belt from a major luxury brand.

It is one matter to fear taking such investment risks if one runs a business, unsure if products overtly bearing his logo will sell. It is another to gift yourself or a loved one with a personal brand effort that is priceless and for self use. It is sure to be a headturner.

For a final rehash, consider your personal logo being made into a buckle. Please see my custom jewellery belt buckles here:

Consider your belts, wallets, pen holders and namecard holders etc bearing your personal logo accessories, like how branded products are positioned in departmental stores and boutique shops.

Contact Us

Please reach Keching (me) at +65 96637673.

Alternatively, please contact Broadway Leather Company at their website.

Logo design

For clients in need of a logo design service, please feel free to contact me at +65 96637673.

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