Singapore tailor releases NFT collection that entitles clients to discounts

With the release of my suit NFTs, hodlers with proof of ownership via Opensea are entitled to discounts off suits, shirts, belts and shoes at Artorial Bespoke Tailoring.

keching decentraland wearables promotions

Overview of utilities

  1. The 6 items in the image above, and counting, are the suits NFTs released.
  2. Ownership of just 1 NFT entitles clients to discounts when tailoring suits at Artorial, and more.
  3. Suits NFTs above aren’t mere jpeg still images. They are rendered 3D model meshes for dressing up clients’ avatars in Decentraland.
artorial bespoke tailoring

Dressing up my avatar?

See how your suit NFTs will look like in Decentraland from my NFT-dedicated Instagram account.

How to purchase suit NFTs by Keching?

Please purchase your suit NFTs, which act in place of a physical membership card, from:

Please contact +65 96637673 for assistance or clarifications.

How to redeem your discounts at Artorial Bespoke Tailoring?

  1. Open your Opensea app on your mobile device
  2. Go to “Collected” tab
  3. Show your suit NFTs by Keching to our staff or partners

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