baiyoke suite hotel

2009 first Thailand trip ever!

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Summary why this trip was memorable

  • there was discomfort pushing myself to speak a language I learnt over 2.5 years. Hence, I felt an overwhelming sense of achievement.
  • I learnt more about human behaviour and socio-economic organisation by observing the Thais. Despite similarities, they organise differently from Singaporeans at a fundamental level. The act of shopping was the medium through which these important observations were made. Frankly, there is only so much satisfaction one enjoys from material purchases, ie shopping, itself.
  • I traveled this graduation trip with cherished friends from the most memorable course I enjoyed in NUS, ie the NUS Thai language program.

Boarding the plane to Bangkok

Excited! This is my first trip, which is also our graduation trip, to Bangkok!

first time bangkok itinerary

Yups that’s our plane!

tigerair bangkok

Boarded the plane waiting to fly off!

first time bangkok itinerary

The tallest skyscraper Baiyoke Sky Hotel from the taxi! It was so tall I needed to put two photos together! Anyway that’s not our hotel. We are staying in Baiyoke Suite Hotel keke.

baiyoke sky hotel

Baiyoke Suite Hotel

We are putting up at Baiyoke Suite Hotel for the first leg of our Thailand trip!

baiyoke suite hotel review
baiyoke suite hotel
baiyoke suite hotel review

Suan Lum Night Bazaar

After settling down, it was already late afternoon into early evening. Boss decided to bring us to the famed Suan Lum Night Bazaar for dinner and night shopping!

suan lum night bazaar

Performance stage at the famed Suan Lum night market in Bangkok where live bands and singers perform!

suan lum night market bangkok

She is the legit top student in our Thai language class! She has no background in the language prior to taking the Thai language modules at NUS. Anyhoo, ordering food is easy peasey to her!

suan lum night market

Having dinner.

suan lum night bazaar

The one and only philosophy at this market: NEVER ENOUGH! (of shopping)

suan lum night market bangkok

First night ever in Bangkok

After shopping we are back at the hotel where we HTHT (heart to heart talk) late into the night : D

baiyoke suite hotel

All while admiring the view from our room.

baiyoke suite hotel view

Feet star! Now come to think about it, who slept on that spot? Hehe.

baiyoke suite hotel

Breakfast at Baiyoke Suite Hotel

Ni ah ma! First the phone rang from the girls’ room at 7am cuz they are wide awake and raring to go! Then this bu la dee bar ger who is closest to the phone sleep until like this, force me to walk across from my bed to pick up the phone!

baiyoke suite hotel review

From this photo you can see that I sleep on the extra bed which is furthest from the phone 有没有!

baiyoke suite hotel

Breakfast buffet with a view the next day!

baiyoke suite hotel breakfast

We can see Amari Watergate hotel and the mother of all malls Platinum mall in plain sight over breakfast.

platinum mall bangkok

View of Baiyoke Sky Hotel, this time from the breakfast buffet. Hello again!

baiyoke sky hotel

This photo is a shame; this is how not to take photos. I ruined the beautiful shot for my friends -_____-

baiyoke suite hotel breakfast

Platinum Mall Bangkok

The boys while waiting for the girls to finish shopping!

platinum mall bangkok

Dinner at Chinatown

Second morning

I pre-planned an early 7am morning for the next day so that I wouldn’t be rudely awakened like the previous morning keke. Went down earlier with boss J and Ms P to walk Pratunam market. They had already walk it the day before but it was my first time.

baiyoke suite hotel

Took some casual photos. The Platinum Fashion Mall that we walked yesterday!

platinum fashion mall

Bo liao with da boss!

baiyoke suite hotel

Read some pages of the map in the meantime while waiting. Someone’s obviously late!

Update 17th June 2019: yups we relied on physical maps back in 2009! And sat on the floor too!

how to travel in bangkok thailand

First stop Siam Paragon. Took mandatory shots with the fountain outside.

siam paragon bangkok

LOVE Central World!

central world bangkok

Chatuchak weekend market

On the BTS to Mo Chit station which is the closest one to Chatuchak!

nus thai language

Got off the train!

where to go in bangkok chatuchak

Da boss qiah me popsicle!

food must eat in chatuchak market

Last bit in Baiyoke

Checking out of Baiyoke Suite Hotel. Onwards to the next hotel which is a backpacker hostel!

baiyoke suite hotel

Lub D Bangkok Silom

We put up at Lub D Silom for the second leg of our trip in Bangkok!

lub d bangkok silom

Checking in!

backpacker hotel bangkok

I love its industrial looking corridors! Kinda like a prison keke.

lub d bangkok silom

The prison-like stairwell.

lub d silom

To be continued in page 2…

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