Something different

Almost all potential corporate customers ask me if I can customize my leather laptop sleeves into A4 folders.

They say, “I want something different (emphasize),” in zest.

And I think, “Whoa.” Honestly, I feel for their excitement.

However, the truth is that all corporate folders, leather or not, looks the same at the end of the day. The concept of something different in most cases are but situations of temporary empowerment of the decision maker. That is not to mention that this decision is but one in the many chores that must be done. The last I know of one of my querying corporate customers, who happens to be my friend (you know who you are hee), his something different ended up looking like it was copied from a competitor company. I didn’t get the order, he didn’t get his way (or feel as empowered) as he originally felt. Lose-lose situation.

If you want something different ladies and gentlemen, my dual function A4 folder double as laptop sleeve is it. Simple yet convincingly chic, not to mention you have not felt nor smelled it yet. Try convincing your boss or make the decision to put this in the to-buy list, despite knowing that it really does not look like other special corporate A4 folder. Now that is what makes “it”, whatever it may be, something different for you and your colleagues.

PS: It works for any other products that you consciously know does not look like the corporate-item-next-door. But please be discerning, that product has to look atas still.

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