Putu Mayam: Best business model in the world

I love the putu mayam near my house. The Indian auntie selling it starts work at 9am and ends shortly after 12 noon. I suppose she goes home and tend to her kids after that.

I’ve decided that selling putu mayam is the best business model in the world. At $0.70 per piece, I usually order two, making it $1.40. However, most customers order at least $2.00 worth of food from this auntie. That said, I can’t help but do a little calculation here. Assuming in the three hours that she works per day, she has 100 customers buying $2.00 worth of putu mayam:

1 day = $200.00

30 days = $6,000.00

I’m blown away.

It honestly isn’t far fetched because there are other kinds of food such as apom to supplement the putu mayam diet. Compensating the balance between the $2.00 and 100 customers, the auntie has to make $5,000.00 at least. In fact, I’m pretty sure she makes more than $8,000 per month. Take away the rent she has to pay. For a stall that small, as you can reasonably imagine, I leave the rest up to your imagination.

Lastly, what will really sweep you off your feet is the effort it takes to serve putu mayam. It is almost zero. It comes ready-made in packets of 10 thereabout. Next thing to do is to throw brown sugar on it tada!

Three hours a day. $200.00 a day. $6,000 a month. Zero work. *thumbs up*

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