Nightmare: train station collapsing

This was a nightmare.

As you would feel when an elevator travels downwards, I felt an initial slight lowering of the platform at Potong Pasir MRT station. I knew I needed to get out onto the surface, quick. However, it wasn’t more than a few running steps that the ground suddenly gave way* completely. I leveraged on my momentum, took a leap at the handrail and caught it.. I’m saved! However, it was but my left third and fourth finger that barely skimmed the surface of the handrail, which itself was collapsing. I fell to my….

*I actually physically felt the rollercoaster ride feeling when dreaming about the ground giving way.

The afterthought

I was watching “Life after people” on ChannelNewsAsia the night before. One scene explained that if the pillars underground supporting the subway rust, the street on the surface would collapse.

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