On the unreasonable girlfriend

Unreasonable girlfriends get away with their whims and fancies. This post is not about my girlfriend.

He picked up his bag, gently flicked his soft supple long hair and walked away with a prototype of the intended final product, not turning back to take a final glance at me.

My relationship with a customer soured. Perhaps, that is the last I’ll ever see of him.

It started as a happy relationship. Completed the first two products for him and he returned for a third, which unfortunately turned out to be the last. It started when I offered to drive to his house last Friday morning to pass him his product. My intentions were to:

  1. offer him convenience
  2. relieve him of the strain on his shoulders caused by the inadequacies of his newly bought bag as soon as possible
  3. take no more than 1 min

After a brief negotiation on the time, his 3rd sms, in brief, stated that I was forcing myself on him, he didn’t like it, and we can’t meet, simply, because it was not possible. Therefore I as the boyfriend had to keep quiet and replied that I’ll meet him at 12 on the following Wednesday after his school ends.

No reply.

An sms came in on Wednesday asking, with a tone to the point of high certainty that we’re meeting, if we are meeting. I said no. I wanted to confirm our meeting the night before but I decided against it because I needed to teach my girlfriend a lesson.

*exchange in brief*
How can I be casual in my smses when something like that has happened etc…

Damn Murphy

Apparently, my customer replied my sms but the telco service had to have problems at that most critical moment. However even if he did reply I would have given him problems on purpose.

We eventually met on Friday managing only a few ding ding dong dongs of a sentence. Perhaps only after as long as counting ten sets of ding ding dong dongs, he picked up his bag, gently flicked his soft supple long hair and walked away with a prototype of the intended final product, not turning back to take a final glance at me.

I followed after him with my gaze, without tears in my eyes. This feeling is so darn familiar, like a break-up. Nope, I am not gay.

A quick reflection

He is a fully-grown adult but he still allows his behavior to bend to his emotional whims and fancies like a kid. That was the only reason I bothered. At the end of the day he is still a nice guy.

I don’t expect something like that from a guy. There came one point it felt like I was handling a relationship on the verge of break-up; strategize, balance the power by taking it and sometimes conceding it consciously, on purpose and with specific intent. He certainly managed to confuse me into thinking I love him. This is because a feeling of unconditional love for my exes is anchored into such situations. That pissed me off bad as he’s not a beautiful woman like my exes, and such situations should only happen with unreasonable girls, and he made me feel gay.

This classic kept ringing in my head. I dedicate it to him:

Lastly, he’s still a friend to me, nevertheless. No ages-long grudges. We merely brushed each other the wrong way.

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