Nightmare: defiant cockroaches

I noticed a cockroach crawling around in my room and instinctively sprayed Baygon at it. However instead of dying, the relentless cockroach was conjuring what seemed like an illusion of disappearing and reappearing behind me.

I chased and sprayed at the cockroaches furiously but they refused to die. The initial illusion was the result of spotting two cockroaches, one behind me and the other in front. As I continued, more cockroaches were entering my room and before I realised, I was spraying at more than 50 of them.

I called out to my mum for help and she quickly came in with an orange-flavoured Baygon. It worked wonders, unlike my regular Baygon, leaving all the cockroaches dead in my room. It was a mess, with some dead on my bed.

I proceeded to investigate the cause. Since the cockroaches entered through a pipe that led directly to my room, I traced the pipe to the other end, located in the jungle.

I scolded the parent cockroaches because we had an agreement that if they were to hide in my pipe, they cannot reproduce.

The afterthought

I watched Star Wars the night before. I am Luke Skywalker and the cockroaches are Jabba the Hutt and its minions.

I have a ready can of Orange-flavoured Baygon by my bedside. It works.

The jungle = reservist coming soon.

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