One mess of dreams for the night

J**n q**g and W*ll** draped with aprons with a pocket in front. They were playing the recorder with a box in front of them. They take turns to play a repetitive motif. They do the “wai” between verses, putting down their recorders on the box when they do so.

We go around to furniture shops.

Gigantic nippy. Dear’s mum.

Xbox and cables and mess – young k**r l***g.

Worker’s dormitory. Am unsure whose side the big robot is on but it is going to tear one part of the building down with his massive fists. All these happen while the robot is protected from the zombies by the b**g******is themselves. The place looks just like joo Chiat CC. I drove to the site and parked, quickly thinking up a plan. I’ll run quickly, like in L4D so the zombies will miss me, towards the robot to direct his attention elsewhere.

The afterthought

I don’t know what’s going on hahas.

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