This dream right out of drama. Setting: old school hk streets.

3 man team. R*g*r, the girl I did biz project with and some other guy.

Project: to do cleaning service. Name: jia jia something. We were introduced to staff by someone who looks like next door guy.

Start service: food is inadequate. Tables not clean. Boss daughter hindrance.

My preliminary call: don’t have to do cleaning. Food is terrible so everything else is bad

Solution: first we ask boss to peptalk workers. Question, is boss nice? Half raise hands half didn’t. Overall the moment revealed the workers were loyal but were under pressure cooker and were never able to give real feedbacks.

Second the irritating pest daughter. She walk down and were shunned by the workers and their families. Some tried to humour her on giving face to boss.

Conclusion: style of new breed of service providers. All about feelings, emotions and value added service.

Fastforward to next scene: work done; sit down chit chat; got to know r*g*r and other guy better. Other guy left. Girl and r*g*r having problems, I left them; don’t be light bulb.

Went to bukit timah and ran into CS at a plaza. He was having a party. He was there to buy glow in the dark to celebrate. His friend comes along, brief introduction, I left.

Went back to school tennis court to find the gang. Charity event. At the corner of court saw Ivan. So the gang and ivan know each other.

Ivan said P*l*e is also here. Meanwhile turn around pulse is there. He ran I chased. Dropped my red camping bag. He thought he avoided me. Came up behind him and tapped his shoulders.

His reason: what he was supposed to do was really tough and he didn’t know how to do it. Then I asked him if what he did was worth 600 dollars he said it’s not up to him.

He tried running again. Just losing him. Realised didn’t voice record our conversation.


The afterthought

As detailed a dream narration as can be. Forced myself to record this while still half asleep so that I can ascertain that the brain predicts the future, if what is described above happens. Couldn’t go back to sleep after that.

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