What job creation?

In my opinion, every person who so chooses to be self-employed is a job created, or rather, is one less job that needs to be created.

I really think “Go sell some stuff! Depend on yourself!” is a more realistic and more easily fulfilled political message to be aired than “We promise to create jobs and protect the middle class!”

Seriously, what do these politicians really mean? Give breaks to MNCs so they can expand and hence hire more? Keep fingers crossed and hope many more MNCs pop out of nowhere and start to hire? How can we depend on them when they’re often the first to bail and shed excesses in bad times?

Seriously, go sell some stuff. I promise you’ll make more than you’ve ever imagined.


  1. iseeifocusishoot

    The main reason why garmen brings in mnc into Singapore is to provide training opportunities and new capabilities for locals, after all, we are supposed to have move from labour intensive industries to high value adding jobs. I mean, almost every society started off this way, having someone to come in and teach the locals, and in the process provide tax breaks. I think the intention is good, and the formula is correct. However, one component is clearly missing – a population of hungry workforce.

    Most Singaporeans are clearly in the comfort zone, afraid of failing. Many parents still advocate to their kids to get a job in a large corporation and get paid well. Come on, job security is dead and in today’s society, companies will leave any time due to unforeseen reasons. We see our garmen continually steering the workforce to different direction, first IT, then biotech, now supply chain, and many more. The trend seems to continue, as our garmen continue to churn out graduates to take up these jobs. Hopefully we won’t go down like the other bankrupt nations in the future…. But we might be nearer. than we think. Cheers.

    1. keching

      Heys! What do you mean by the absence of a population of hungry workforce?

      Yeah I guess specific situations of the time required the courting of MNCs into Singapore. I agree with you that the formula is correct, don’t get me wrong, but it probably extends to only at most half the population. The people in Singapore, despite its size, had always been more diverse in their interests than just a few key industries. Imagine an ideal scenario where die die every citizen is required to become entrepreneurs. It won’t work because some people aren’t meant to do business. Likewise, many people can’t be and are less interested in being executives and professionals, which are deemed more prestigious and which the government relentless pursues in “the interest of the people”. They are more interested in say, sewing, car repairs, carpentry and many other sidelined industries etc and they are denied their opportunities to make a living on their own.

      This is the key argument of this post, ie many are just as interested in homegrown businesses which will complement MNCs. More focus should be given to them directly and previous breaks must be taken away from the MNCs at the same time. Graduates are indeed being churned out, but it means jobs have to be created for them, not the other way round where graduates are created for unfilled jobs. Some politician got to start lobbying that the world population of 6 billion can only sustain so many graduates in the world. This will free up people who are more suited for and have interests in industries alternative to the mainstream ones such as finance etc which are over-rated and over-advertised. And they must be actively supported by the government.

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