Waving the nazi flag on international friendship day

Yups, my primary school classmate did just that when we were in Primary four if I remember correctly.

Of course our class teacher screwed him over, and many of our friends laughed like shit, while I myself didn’t understand and plainly laughed along. But come on, you got to admit that this is a brilliant kid.

History lessons in primary schools probably meant Sang Nila Utama cartoon version and German, or rather collective Europian history starts only in secondary school. But there he is, my friend, pulling off a joke like that when he’s so young a kid. I don’t know how many others were like me laughing only to fit in, but from the last gathering we had, I know at least another handful really understood that joke and were telling the story again.

If you can’t put a finger to why parents scramble for their kids to enter elite schools, this is but one of the reasons.

Other examples of talent:

Recollecting the dance routine from eons ago

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