My grandpa the Great!

If I don’t make a fuss over my grandparents who will?


My maternal grandpa is a normal man. A great man simply because he’s my grandpa. He came from 海南岛 and settled in Singapore. When I was a kid, he always asked whether I wanted to follow him to the airport where he relishes the thought of going back to his hometown. I always answered 下次.


Honestly, he hasn’t many more years to live. I figured if I don’t ask him out to the airport soon, I might never get a chance to, ever again. It is not a respite from my selfish busy routine. It is a priority.



My paternal grandma and grandpa the industrialist passed away when I was young. Never had the chance to shower them with love from my adulthood consciousness. So I direct that love to my still-around maternal grandparents.



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