Waiting for my riches to pour in

Waiting for time to mature is all I can do and it is frustrating. 5-7 years, or at quickest 3-5 if the businessman is eager and solid enough, is the average number of years for a business to gain momentum. The larger the sample size, the higher the convergence on these figures.

That said, I am pretty certain I got all my critical sales mechanisms in place. Any further attempts to intervene and shorten this 5-7 years will be futile simply because it won’t happen. Else, I’ll be steering away from my fundamental business philosophy and end up with a business model dissimilar to what I want it to be.

Maybe I should occupy my time by starting another business, which will itself take another 5-7 years to mature. Nah.. better spend more time with my gf :S hahhahaa!

Other emotional struggles KC faces:

KC in danger of losing himself

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