where to tailor suit in bangkok

2012 third ever trip to Bangkok

Le gf and I were on an exploratory mode and we split our trip up into two parts. They are differentiated by a stay at two different hotels, the first being the budget one at Glow Trinity Silom. The rest of our hotel budget is saved for the more expensive second hotel at Hansar Bangkok.

Glow Trinity Silom Bangkok

Most hotel rooms are really just rooms with some nice decor and interior design. I particularly like the mega wood frame leaning on the wall at an angle, framing the entire dressing table set up. It breaks the monotony of a usual rectangle shaped room. Other than that, it is a room to retire for the night after the day’s walking.

glow trinity silom hotel reviews

Experimented calling in food delivery in Thailand and in Thai! Not by me though keke. It is by le gf.

glow trinity silom hotel

Off to the tailors

Building on the excitement of the first tailoring experience in Bangkok with two different tailors on the last trip with my parents, my focuses for this trip are the two dinner function jackets I intend to tailor for myself. After dropping off our luggages at the hotel, we headed straight for the tailors. I will be visiting the same tailor from the last trip and a new one that le gf found online, both in the same day.

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Designing my jacket by myself (for reals)

Tailored myself a light blue seer sucker at the second tailor at Crown Tailor’s. It could have been a normal albeit tailored one. For emphasis, I repeat that I could have had a normal albeit tailored suit.

11 June 2019 update: Here’s what I mean:

stones yarra valley wedding reviews

The photo above is of my best friends and I as groomsmen for a bestie’s wedding. Three of our suits were tailored and two were bought off the rack. Truth be told, one looking at us can’t tell the difference. It does not matter if your jacket has single or double vents, nor does it matter if your collar is an Italian collar or not.

I can even put forward a fact, not a mere argument, that the gradual reduction in the male body’s metabolic rate renders suits tailored between the ages 27-30 useless from 31 years old onwards because one becomes fat. But I go too far here. The shoulder remains largely the same despite the (reasonable amount of ) fats piling up.

But I was determined to push the design for my jacket.

reasonably good tailor bangkok

A tailored jacket gets me a well fitted jacket. That is the role of the tailor’s. One really doesn’t need to do anything. Maybe one needs to do his homework to find that tailor in the first place. But for the same price, I could get some agency by detailing my jackets. In other words, I participated in the process by designing the elements, and for the same price as if I hadn’t.

crown tailor bangkok review

Furthermore, I am compelled by excitement as I had held off tailoring suits, which are the expensive items. Instead I tailored a shirt just to have a sense of the process in order that I can identify a reasonably good tailor for a certain price.

The thunderstorm that night was the first we ever experienced in Bangkok and felt quite miserable. But we weren’t detered and were rather determined to leave Glow and enjoy the rest of the night. We went to have our dinner at the Korean restaurant next door.

korean restaurant bangkok

Hansar Hotel Bangkok Standard Suite

It is our first expensive treat to ourselves at SGD200.00 per night. Getting blown away was an understatement!

hansar bangkok review

The bedroom and common area in a single space. The walk-in wardrobe and toilet on the right side.

hansar bangkok review

View of the common area from the side of the bed!

hansar bangkok standard suite

The bathroom! While I am facing the sink, the wardrobe is right behind me.

hansar bangkok hotel standard suite

First time ever soaking in a bathtub!

Couldn’t resist. I had to try! And it’s not possible At All. Water keeps entering my nose.

Tailored two jackets

Finally received both jackets, each tailored at a different tailor, at Hansar. As long as your hotel is in town, tailors will oblige sending your suits to your hotel at no charge. This allowed my girlfriend and I to continue shopping without having to lug the jackets around.

where to tailor suit in bangkok

Couldn’t wait to try them on. Quite the best that my phone camera can do. Was lazy to take out my camera.

tailored suits bangkok

Took the opportunity to have a dinner date with le gf at a nice restaurant. One can see from my cuffs that I didn’t have my accessories with me. But no one is going to notice anywhere. Also, photo is taken with my enormous pink note which nobody wanted because it was too big and was pink which I found pretty cool.

cheap and good tailor in bangkok

Eagerly waiting for the food.

dining in bangkok
posh restaurants in bangkok

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