Extremist, audacious and outrageous conversations cover my back

They can be in the league of gayhood, lesbianism, swearing loyalty to 369, becoming a policeman so that violence can be practiced by beating prisoners up, becoming a billionaire while already halfway there because of natural heirhood to a property fortune. I don’t care.

I am getting less and less of such out-of-this-world conversations since leaving school and I miss them. I need them! It ain’t exactly fun when I look the fool being the only one saying the smartest things in dominantly subdued and held back conversations.

Those crazy folks of friends I had affirm my personal convictions that the world has a place for my pursuits that are nothing short of insanity. I hope it is because I am meeting them less while they quietly pursue those dreams; Not because their language have moderated and have been contained by realities of grown up life.

Never mind I can’t be a two-millionaire by thirty years old. I will get there by thirty-five. All else fails, at least I will die trying. See you guys at the top one day, wherever you all are. If you have stopped pursuing your dreams, it is time we started talking crap together again.

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