Sold a platinum silver buckle for $1200.00 today

Eventually, I got to decide whether to build a company with complex business operations or to stick to my current preference of selling what I want to sell to who I like.

The difference lies in the premium at which I can sell my platinum silver buckles. For who I am now, complete with the package of trustworthiness and other idiosyncratic qualities intrinsic in a person, I am confident of selling my platinum silver buckle complete with an alligator leather belt for $2000.00 in the mid-term. For $2000.00, my customers purchase the actual value of platinum silver itself and the buckle workmanship. He also purchases the leather belt workmanship as well as the intrinsic value pegged to alligator leather. Finally, my customer also purchases a little of his trust in me, a little support and the tangible time spent on designing the buckle. Every cent of the $2000.00 is justified and goes into improving the lives of everyone involved in the chain.

However, if I intend to sell this same package for $5000.00, I figured I need more than myself to do it. The additional $3000.00 spent above the intrinsic value of all mentioned in the previous paragraph is the purchase of lifestyle, or spin as I prefer to call it. I definitely need the backing of a big company.

Suddenly, I wonder whether I will be able to sell a product or service at the value of $10,000,000 in my lifetime solely because of who I am.

Design and customize your own platinum silver buckle:

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