I have 2000 sq feet of personal work space

The ceiling is high too at my factory. Better than my home really. I thank my grandpa and dad for it.

Everyone in this country should be entitled to this luxury notwithstanding the small land area. I generate the same economic value, as well as live in a house of the same profile, as my fellow citizens. No, really, I generate only that bit of economic value as a small teeny weeny family business. Difference between me and fellow citizens? I have a better quality of life. I choose to be lazy. I have a lot of private space at work. Like really alot.

To the state: get your economic policies correct. This country should be fuelled by a higher volume of small businesses of which citizens have a rightful stake in the land. The more land you sell (sorry I meant lease) to MNCs, the less land we have for our people. Like duh.

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