Entrepreneuship, a great corporatey taste

A great platform to push off on your quest for entrepreneurship is the financial services. This industry has the state’s backing.

It is for both the faint-hearted and the strong, but certainly not for non-westerns who do not fancy western coats and ties as much as this industry demands of them. The corporate-ness of this industry is rooted in ethnicity and culture. Therefore, the high turnover in this entrepreneurial industry is due more to our country being populated with non-westerns, rather than a mismatch between character and job requirements. Well, technically it is also a mismatch between character and job requirements because if the individual is non-western, he’ll be unable to produce in a way that the corporate world demands of him anyway.

Perhaps you can consider applying, also in the financial services, for a peripheral money lending license instead. It’ll be a better fit for you I swear.

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