The day I learnt that I am an elite

Was back in Junior College. During a General Paper tutorial, I made a statement that the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) is ridiculously easy. It only took a short exchange with my tutor for me to realize that I had made an elitist remark.

With respect to the A Level exams I was training for back then, perhaps many others are making the same insentive remarks elsewhere in Singapore, that it took no more effort than lifting a finger to clear the exams. But heck I was having problems. My problems of scoring C’s and D’s in JC is not unlike kids who scored these grades in primary school. Difference between the kids who score poorly in primary school and I? I made it this far.

I had jolly well count my blessings. Back in that era, JC was elite and anything less was considered crap.

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