Environmental education workshop for pre-school principals and teachers

While I focus on the sustainability of my various businesses, which are essentially about real reduction in waste generation in the course of producing physical goods for sale, someone out there pursues it in his own way, in his own world separate from mine, in a completely different direction.

A particular company I stumbled upon develops programs for educators who will then go on to impress upon children as young as pre-schoolers about environmental sustainability. Personally, I think it is more important to teach children to consume less rather than about waste management because if you know that waste management works, then wouldn’t it lead to an attitude of consuming and then making up for it by managing the waste, which in and of itself requires energy to do so. Furthermore, frankly, in Singapore the percentage of waste that gets recycled or repurposed does not even hit the 50% mark and I am being really generous here. The rest gets incinerated.

In any case, whichever the company’s directions, it is still in the right step and is supported by NEA. Again, before the main point gets lost, it is amazing how someone makes a business out of transferring semi-technical-semi-fun knowledge to teachers and attempting to shape first their minds and then hopefully that attitude rubs off onto children. This is because it is a real way, albeit a small way, of contributing to saving the environment.

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