Drink coasters made out of counter top quartz

At age 33, I started selling drink coasters made out of scrapped counter top quartz.

There is too much waste produced in the world, and I love how some of them can be salvaged to be sold. One such waste is kitchen counter top quartz, the parts that are cut out to create sink holes and the holes where hobs rest over.

The size of the dumpster is huge, and “huge” is an understatement. For as many ideas as I can think of for all the little strips of quartz, right up to the huge slabs, there is only so much repurposed waste that the market is willing to absorb. And this is just one dumpster in the world of dumpsters.

Here’s another photo of the dumpster. At angle where I captured perfectly fine huge slabs of exceptional quality and strong quartz.

All. Thrown. Away.

Therefore, I picked some up for use myself and for sale to customers.

A red drink coaster made out of solid quality quartz. Merely needed some polishing to repurpose the thrashed raw material into a classy yet practical ornament at home. If you look closer at the edge of the dumpster in the first photo right at the top, you can see the small pieces I picked up. I picked up the coloured huge slabs, visible in both dumpster photos, too.

Went shopping. Loading the spoils for the day into my car boot. I got a set of four red drink coasters! And some tables too! Yay!

A green coaster. It means someone chose that spotty green for their kitchen counter top. I would love to see it if I had the chance to!

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