Tight jeans vs baggy jeans

I don’t know. I have been through both and the in between. It’s like fashion is cyclical right? And I happened to hit puberty during the peak of the baggy jeans fashion. And we’ve been going through the tight jeans thing for a few years now. And tight jeans are uncomfortable as hell because they squeeze the yums.

I figure that the average person should live long enough to go through a baggy-tight-baggy or a tight-baggy-tight cycle before he stops giving a poop. For kids who just hit puberty over the past few years, I really wonder what they’ll think when baggy is back in vogue. It’s like they just follow trends right, hence the tights. So they’ll just follow the baggy trend when it returns. I really think they will be asking themselves what the heck they were wearing and why no one ever told them that tight jeans are uncomfy because it so happens they started the cycle with tight jeans and didn’t have any loose pants around to compare with.

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