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The traditional business model

The business models conjured in one’s head upon mention of the word “traditional” are likely correct. For clarity, there is a wealth of information on the Internet that one can turn to for definitions and examples.

The purpose of this post, rather than informing of the definitions of traditional and non-traditional business models, is to reinforce in readers that startups are often traditional, more than entrepreneurs would like to admit, and hence an idea seemingly “antiquated” should not discourage new start up entrants.

It is easy to be misled into thinking that every startup conceived minute by minute are non-traditional ones, especially when major news channels and social media mostly focus on up and coming revolutionary businesses for their newsworthiness. Even one’s personal purchases are likely made through non-traditional means.

However, if every new business were modern ones, one would be endlessly impressed reading on Facebook about that friend who has started up, and then another, and another, engaging in one or the other modern form of businesses. This is clearly not the case.

Have a happy one pursuing your business.

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