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Introduction: Overview of a businessman’s realities

The half truths

  1. time freedom
  2. riches

The hard truths

  1. statistical problems
  2. problems of succession
  3. people problems
  4. productivity problems
  5. land cost problems
  6. irrelevance of school curriculum to the broader economy
  7. the philosophical consequence of business

My portfolio

The following is my portfolio to substantiate my weight in this discussion.

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1. Statistical problems

Loosely used, the pareto principle, i.e. the 80/20 rule, informs one that the odds are immediately not in the entrepreneur’s favour. The rate of failure is exceptionally high. It is really the 999/1 rule. Those that make it through the woods, are usually those with a beaten path in it, for example, the inheritance of appropriate attitudes towards risk taking. Lawyer. Read more.

2. Problems of succession

The biggest problem in my opinion. No one escapes death. And in one’s retirement, he spends his time worrying about succession. The greater the success, the more painful retirement is. Read more.

3. People problems

The bosses or the subordinate may not be the easiest to handle, but one still returns home to a paycheck at the end of the month. If one thought that in starting a business, one is free from the pains of interacting with anyone, he can’t be further from the truth. The entrepreneur work with contractors, partners, associates etc. who are at least equal to him. Without their cooperation, the business is derailed. Read more.

4. Productivity problems

6. Irrelevance of school curriculum to the broader economy

Comparing the average student studying in Mac’s. Do they look like the average executive, whom said students will become in future, moving on from task to task in anxiety? We haven’t even begun addressing the skills required of the entrepreneur. Read more.

7. The philosophical consequence of business

One’s consideration to start up a business is likely to stem from, among others, questioning the meaning of work and life. In the same philosophical vein, one will lose as much as what one gains from business. Read more.

Final note

To scourners or those who disagree, this post is meant for people who will likely start up with none, or only some.

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