How to prevent heat rash in winter

My heat rash woes were not limited to National Service (NSF) days. Neither are they limited to hot weather.

The purpose of this subsection on heat rash, apart from sharing on how to prevent heat rash in cold weather countries as in the introductory paragraph above, is still to provide an additional angle for seriously afflicted soldiers.

The long story short:

  • Puffer jackets, parka jackets, structured suit blazers, wooly jackets etc, ie the jackets that actually keep you feeling warm inside of them, may cause heat rash; emphasis on the feeling of warmth, in the jacket.
  • The onion approach may prevent heat raah. That is wearing one thin cotton layer, followed by another thin cottton layer, followed by another thin layer, till the innermost layer still feels cool when in direct contact with your skin. You don’t feel warmth/warm moist air. Rather you feel like you are in an airconditioned environment inside of the layers.

The innermost heat retention undergown.

The next cotton layer after the undergown.

The outermost thinnest knitted wear possible.

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