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Singapore companies going green


AQUILA has reduced chemicals used in the fashion industry since introducing leather products that has their edges undyed.

sustainable fashion singapore

Dyes are used to refine products by concealing edges such as in the photo above. In this instance, while both the cream and black layers are full grain leather, their edges meet in a contrasting manner. Edge dyes conceal it by staining both the cream and black layers a uniform colour, often black. Other examples include PVC materials where strands of fabric on the underside of PVC dangle in an ugly manner off the edges. Silicone dyes are required to conceal them.

It was a bold move for AQUILA to offer her customers an eco-friendly option. They didn’t think that it would work. However, many of her customers are opting into the vision. Furthermore, AQUILA offers discounts off her eco-friendly products. Therefore, regardless of the customers’ impetus, whether in agreement with AQUILA’s sustainable vision or to take advantage of the discount, it continues to lead to an observable reduction of the chemicals used in AQUILA products. #sustainablebyreducing

singapore companies going green

Blended concept

Many good pieces of quartz, granite and marble slabs are discarded daily. Blended concept uses these slabs for their coffee table tops.

sustainable furniture singapore

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