prague swans

Prague, stone bros the gathering

Arrived in Prague in the late afternoon and the sun had already set. We quickly left our apartment to look for dinner after dropping off our luggages.

prague old town restaurants

Ended up at a burger joint, ie the most cosmopolitan, the most convenient, the most comfortable, the most obvious, and the safest choice.

And since I’m in Czech Republic, which is the country which drinks the most beer per pax, babies included apparently, I was inspired, mostly by the price really; cheap. And by golly is it good. Never drank draft beer in Singapore because the price mostly goes into rental and taxes. I’d better have my fill while in Prague.

Didi was inspired too. We can so tell that he really doesn’t drink because he tomatoed.

Vltava River

I was excited when I saw swans on the Vltava River when we ventured out the next day. We have rivers in Singapore too but it is sterile of life. To be fair, sterile is a strong word. However, it is not inaccurate to describe our Singapore environment as one that is controlled. We have our rivers and forests, but we will not see much in them. The animals have long gone.

The swans are keenly aware of our presence. They follow us in anticipation of food.

Charles Bridge

Prague is truly beautiful. One would feel transported back in time. Unless, the city, especially in the old town, was already dense that no new development can take place, it suggests that the local government intended for time to remain still.

The city abounds with statues and sculptures, to the point I wonder about the past economy. It must have been a center of sorts for stone masons.

charles bridge statues

U Tří Housliček

Having had hot chocolate for dessert almost every other meal, the one served at U Tří Housliček is still the best.

St. Vitus Cathedral

Look at the details just on the main entrance alone. Someone or some people sculpted those.

st vitus cathedral

The rest of the frontal facade above the door.

st vitus cathedral

Elevated sculptures as well as the detailed carvings on every surface of the cathedral.

st vitus cathedral

A miniscule fraction of all sculptures in Prague. Where we are allowed to touch, respectfully, these statues are cold. Real marble / granite / natural stones indeed.

st vitus cathedral
Národní Muzeum

More from the stone bros on the Prague National Museum.

prague national museum
Václavské Náměstí

Silhouette of the statue of Saint Wenceslas at Wenceslas Square.

statue wenceslas square

Last night

what to do in prague in winter

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