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I have already reached my business endgame

Business is a game and I have reached my endgame 8 years into it. This is because I have secured a major contract with a premium student uniformed organisation, The Boys’ Brigade.

That is good enough as I have proven to myself that certain aspects of my strategy were correct. Could I have done it faster? Most certainly. But it wouldn’t be much of an achievement if, in order to prove my points, I had to sacrifice this principle:

To secure significant business contracts effortlessly, with a smallest outfit possible and in a replicable operationally sustainable manner going forward.

Simply put, I cannot sacrifice going home at 5pm to spend time with my family. Never did in the past, not at present, and not ever.

Unlike my peers, to build an empire is the last of my priorities. Some of my friends co-build the family business as appendages to their parents. My friends are their parents’ exit strategy after building a sizeable business, but these friends have yet to formulate their own exit strategy. One cannot assume that one’s child will pick up the mantle.

Efforts to automate my business, using the lightest operations possible, intensifies. Thereafter, or concurrently rather, I am trying my hand at another business model that is truly passive. I will know the results in another 10 years perhaps.

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