melbourne convention centre

Beloved friend’s wedding in Melbourne

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Flying into Melbourne Airport, the view greeting my wife and I is the brown surface, clear blue cloudless sky and blazing sun.

melbourne drone view

It was interesting to spot a scarce few skyscrapers (blue arrow) surrounded by a vast land surface of low rise houses, and we eventually landed there. Photo was edited to review the skyscrapers in this photo.

melbourne australia

Photo zoomed in. It felt like we were flying towards a medieval fantasy stronghold; Mega City One works too.

melbourne australia

First lunch in Melbourne

With a bird. Had Quesadilla from a food truck.

Bubble tea

We walked into a bubble tea shop attracted by the buy-one-large-get-a-medium promotion.

For as long as we were there, it was mostly Asians patronising the shop. It was also mostly kids at least 10 years younger than us. We are really not that old but yes, we are still the oldest. We were also there hiding from the cold outside and resting our feet while the kids, presumably students studying in Australia, came and gone, came and gone and came and gone. I had gone in excited as a kid and I walked out realising I am aged even though I don’t feel an age older than I was a teen.

It is a Taiwan based bubble tea shop. The staff are all chinese. It came across like a union or association member, where the ethnic Chinese business provides experience and pocket money for ethnic Chinese students who will then introduce job openings to future ethnic Chinese students and so on.

Melbourne Convention Centre

melbourne convention centre

Heat rash

I rarely go overseas to cold weather of below 20 degrees celsius, preferring Thailand endlessly instead. Therefore, this trip to Melbourne is yet another opportunity to fine tune my heat rash prevention measures for winter.

What I should have done

Bearing in mind the general principles of why I am afflicted by heat rash, I should:

– Wear clothes only to the extent that the piece of clothing directly in contact with my skin feels cool to my skin. I must not wear clothes to the point I feel warm.

– I must also drink, in fact over-drink, water. Frequent pee runs is to be expected.

My blunder

I forgot to drink water. I didn’t even drink a certain minimum. As a result I got heat rash yet again, from heat building up in my body.

I did stick to appropriate wear except on the day of the wedding itself when I had to wear my suit and I was kept warm. This allowed heat to build up and prevented perspiration to evaporate away quickly, hence blocking my pores.

Heat rash (center of photo) and dry skin (bottom right of photo). One can see spots of brown scabs, as well as red spots which are transitioning into brown scabs themselves, in the photo. They are directly on the sweat pores. If I run my fingers over my arm, I can feel the dry bumps. This healing is the surest confirmation of heat rash. Yet, the skin damage was insufficiently severe for it to be peeling off in huge patches, as one would see during recovery from sunburn.

Skin irritation from rash vs dry skin

In this trip, I begun paying attention to the difference in skin irritation as a result of heat rash, dry skin or both.

The general discomfort arises from two

– body releasing heat

– fabric rubbing the skin

Still, it is a self-inflicted blunder that I forgot to over-drink water. As a result, heat built up in my body with all the walking and I ended up with heat rash on the second day of my trip. It didn’t help that I went around in an average temperature of 13-17 degrees Celsius in only a long sleeve t-shirt and linen shorts.

Ang Moh Jia Jia. Only chinese goes with cunning, Jews go with cunning. Not Ang mohs!

Getting into the groomsman swing

Off to explore on foot the area around our hotel, wearing the pair of groomsmen socks from the wedding of the first wedded bro among us.

South Melbourne Market

South Melbourne Market is a bustling market apparently patronised by locals themselves. I am reminded of Chatuchak Market in Thailand where one can feel that the upbeat crowd visits the market for the purpose of consuming. They aren’t merely there to look-see as one would at tourist markets, wary of vendors peddling overpriced wares that are packed into standardised commercial packaging, blessed by the country’s tourism board.

Simply Spanish

One would easily identify staple food eaten daily by locals, for example burger, steak, salad, fries and so on.

Paella at Simply Spanish is a first in this part of the world.

It doesn’t add up. To pay $15 for this plate, I would rather cook in the hotel if it had a kitchen. Back in Singapore, it would probably be this price too but with sides.

Bulk of that $15 goes to the labour instead of rent, assuming land abundance compared to land scarcity in Singapore.


Extra small shoes

Great buy at camper

The big day

Revolve around fat jokes. Could hardly fit into my pants and jacket that were tailored for one of the brothers’ wedding six years ago. Woke wife up from her slumber to take photos for me as it is literally the last few times I am doing this for any beloved friend and while the hair stock lasts. Age is setting in.

Me in charge of the flowers. Spent a good some time figuring out how to hang the flowers on the posh bridal car.

And off we go!

To be continued at Stones of the Yarra Valley…

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