Notable numbers on infectious disease in Singapore for the past 12 months

left human injected with hose on white textile

The following information represents only the number from newspaper articles. Please note that statistics from MOH surveillance was not included.

Information accurate as of 8 June 2019

No Infectious disease Location Date reported No of people infected Source
1. Dengue Islandwide As of 6 June 2019 >4000 Let’s not underestimate threat of dengue and other mosquito-borne diseases in Singapore
2. Gastroenteritis (Food poisoning) 13 PCF kindergartens and the Plan Student Care Centre 17 Apr 2019 >250 staff & Children

31 children who were hospitalised

Boost in efforts to reduce food poisoning in pre-schools
3. Measle Islandwide As of 21 Mar 2019 38 people Spike in number of measles cases in first 11 weeks of 2019
4. Gastroenteritis (Food poisoning) MindChamps pre-school in Tanglin 27 Feb 2019 30 children 30 children affected by gastroenteritis at MindChamps pre-school in Tanglin
5. Gastroenteritis (Food poisoning) PCF Toa payoh 2 Feb 2019 14 children MOH, AVA investigating after 14 children fall ill following lunch at Toa Payoh Sparkletots
6. Gastroenteritis (Food poisoning) Kindergarten 2 children and teachers 27 Nov 2018 131 children & teachers 131 people down with gastroenteritis after consuming food from FoodTalks
7. HFMD Islandwide 15 Aug 2018 1,249 children Weekly HFMD cases hit record high this year

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