Domain Leon Barral

Domaine Leon Barral

The Domaine is named after Didier Barral’s Grandfather Leon Barral. Didier

Didier, a 13th generation of the Barral family, built upon the vineyards and began estate bottling in the early 1990s.

Didier started farming Biodynamic farming shortly after establishing the Domaine. He incorporated sustainable farming using a herd of cows and horses instead of tractors, to tend to his farm. This promoted healthy relationship between the vines and its surrounding. Didier uses natural yeast and bottle with a small dose SO2 prior to bottling.

The Faugeres is dominated by the Carignan, a late ripening grape that is high in every aspect, Tannins, Acidity and Colour, is blended with Grenache and Cinsault. This blend creates a rather aromatic wine that is rounded, balanced and pleasantly textured.

The Faugeres is a perfect wine for anyone who is looking for a medium bodied style of wine with good relaxed aromas, balanced dark flavours (think black fruits, chocolate) with smooth noticeable tannins.

This wine was introduced by the Owner, Alvin Gho, AS, of Wine RVLT, a Natural Wine Bar located along Carpenter Street. It’s quite a perfect place to have fun and wines without much of a thought for your TGIF.

Written by:

Goh Kher Meng, CSW, FWS

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