product design course singapore

AQUILA: Bold fashion statements follow bold customers

My fashion design inspirations are mostly drawn from my clients’ adventurousness. This portfolio compiles the best of their bold fashion choices, centering ostrich leather belts that I tailored.

Khaki green ostrich belt

Colour chosen by my client complements his gold Hermès belt buckle.

product design course singapore

Dark brown ostrich belt with designer custom buckle

Custom JC sterling silver designed by myself. My client chose a befitting dark brown ostrich belt to match his buckle.

fashion designer singapore

Black ostrich belt

Braun Buffel buckles often sport plain black or dark brown belts. However, my customer made full use of the empty space within the bull outline. The clean lines complements the “pimply” ostrich skin patterns.

freelance product designer singapore

Midnight blue ostrich belt

Another buckle, which is from Ferragamo, that breaks the oft-seen rectangular mold. It also uses an alternative material to metal. All these while my client contributed to the design himself by choosing the blue ostrich leather from my inventory.

fashion design singapore

Of course if a customer requires a normal black and brown replacement belt for their old branded buckles, we have plenty. Please see our portfolio here.

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