Easing of mummy’s stress from providing our darling breast milk

Day 2: latching day and night sitting up (of which the technique was later discovered to be incorrect). Darling was perpetually unsatisfied.

Day 3: formula introduced as darling’s hunger can never be satisfied. Mummy vigorously hand expresses to reduce reliance on formula to frustrating results.

Day 4: stress levels peaks

Day 5: uncovering of latching problem by lactation consultant. Latching day and night with improved technique albeit sitting up. Darling finally satisfied. Relief achieved.

Day 6: latching day and night with improved technique.

Day 7: latching day and night. Partial formula substitute, i.e. no breastfeeding, during the night. Relief achieved.

Day 8: experimented breastfeeding our darling lying down. Less strenuous for mummy without a doubt. Relief achieved.

Day 9: relief achieved

Day 10: latching and pumping in the day. Generally 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night from 0000hrs to 0800hrs.

Day 11: latching and pumping in the day. Reduce uninterrupted sleep to 6 hours generally from 0000hrs to 0600hrs. No latching from 0600hrs to 0800hrs, only pumping to relieve breast swelling.

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