24 days old newborn definitely understands daddy speaking to her

After a 4th round of patting and massaging my swaddled up darling who is lying in bed, as well as speaking to her as though she is an adult, she didn’t manage to find many opportunities for vocalising, much less cry and bawl. She is finally in deep sleep.

Speaking to my 24 days old darling works. Body language works. And not forgetting that I know that she was already fed extremely well even though she is smacking her lips again for more milk. In short, she is full and should be sleeping.

Tonight’s experiment is the second in three nights; a couple of nights ago, mum-in-law came in wanting to cradle a bawling darling in her arms again. I positioned myself to disallow her from picking darling up and continued executing my strategy. It worked right in front of my mum-in-law.

Previously, putting her to sleep this way was a noobish struggle between mummy’s well-being and the non-introduction of formula.

Right now, it is about time discipline for my 24 days old girl.

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