ngor her fish in chinese

Midnight trip to Jurong Fishery Port

My good buddy who is an NTU adjunct lecturer brings me around yet again, this time to Jurong Fishery Port.

His first trip there about two months back was to recce for a field trip for his module. However, the planned educational trip was cancelled due to “safety reasons” cited by a single student.

Even though I couldn’t join him then as my darling baby was a mere two weeks old, he had bought fresh seafood for my mum-in-law.

how to clean a fish

Mum-in-law gutting the fish bought by Martin and Waifu.

how to gut a fish

Tonight I shall join him for my periodic getaway from “normal” life as well as for fresh seafood. Apparently, he had returned a few times since his recce trip.

I can no longer buy seafood at the supermarket.

Martin, my beloved buddy

Das trip!

Arriving at Jurong Fishery Port

It was about 12 midnight when we arrived at the road sign pointing us in the direction of the Port.

jurong fishery port tour

Arrived at the gantry at the Port where we had to exchange our ICs for a pass to enter.

jurong fishery port

That’s the car park in front of the depot where the fishies are put up for sale. Can’t wait to park!

jurong fishery port parking

Facing the depot as per the photo above, the sea and the dock is to my left. A fence prevents the public from intruding where the trawlers unload(photo below).

jurong fishery port

Since we’re on this side of the Port, we’ll enter the depot from the side.


The ground is extremely wet due to seawater and melted ice and I started avoiding water patches.

我叫你穿 covered shoes,你跟我穿拖鞋。


我宁愿脚弄到水 than 鞋子弄到水。




Jokes aside, with all the trolleys being pulled around, it’s better to protect your toes and feet. It isn’t really about stinky fishy water.

A point to note: remember to bring your pails. In one’s excitement or misguidedness, it is very possible that one might buy a fish that is bigger than the freezer at home, home.

午鱼, ngor heu, Threadfin

ngor her fish in chinese

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