Friends for life

Being friends for life entails long periods of having drifted apart from, and awkwardness with one’s once best friends.

Being friends for life requires us to tide out stretches of time when one’s personal and professional goals differ greatly (starkly).

After three and a half decades, I have come to learn that being friends for life is a cycle of alignment and of parting ways, with the two alternating between each other.

It isn’t considered being friends for life if one permanently runs away from the prospect of an uneasy gathering for fear of having nothing to say to each other; the friendship is short lived.

A good handful of best friends entered my life at different stages. These beloved friends are from school, conscription and career. The love and acceptance is more than I can wish for.

However, while we were once aligned due to circumstances, the choices each of us eventually made as growing adults separated us, at least in ideals and life directions if not physically.

It is worse actually, to be in the presence of one’s one time confidant and have nothing to talk about.

The above being said, if I have hit it off, in recent times, with long time acquaintances whom I once considered to be too different from myself to have any meaningful relationship, I am certain I will be reunited with my once best friends when given enough time.

To my besties past, present and in the future:


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