Buddy’s mass flow controller business

He had committed to a 30 grand CRM system and had walked over to share with me about it in excitement.

My key takeaway:

  • 30 grand doesn’t implement SF’s customer relationship management (CRM) software that another buddy is a representative of. It is too expensive
  • buddy’s business is a 10 pax operation
  • he engaged a freelancer to implement a standard template that future independent vendors/ service providers can continue to work with
  • entry level CRM is expected to cost $5000.00

Of the top of my head:

  • will 30 grand CRM software built by a freelancer face maintenance issues when the freelancer ceases operations

I get it that:

  • CRM is supposed to take the business to a higher plane of operations
  • increase productivity by reducing paperwork

The reality:

  • the current costs must be outweighed by the promises of efficiency
  • not forgetting continued costs arising from maintenance
  • add on costs arising from inability to properly describe the problem leading to patchwork fixes
  • disappointment from being oversold
  • no economies of scale that mega businesses enjoy (overinflation of expectations)

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