Personal upcycling efforts

I have never ever thought I’ll be this committed towards the environment which, while concrete and real to me, is but an abstract ideology to many of my friends.

Without further ado

My upcycling efforts are guided by two key principles and dictated by one limitation:

  1. personal economic incentivisation
  2. making upcycling a key process in my life in order that it be sustained and not one off
  3. limitation: recycling is big business with high barriers to entry. Hence, my best alternative is upcycling

For a very long time I had wondered how to minimise the leather waste produced from my production of leather goods and it suddenly occurred to me to shred them into chips for filling punching bags and boxing bags.

It is a moment of elation for me as the only other wastes remaining I have to manage are paper and plastic waste which I send to the blue bin at the bottom of my apartment block.

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