Where to buy leather belt straps without buckle

The difficulty in buying a replacement leather belt is to determine if the prices, which can range between $5.00 to $300.00, is directly correlated to the quality of the leather.

What is leather?

Often in the world of fashion, the strength of a brand determines the perception of its goods. I.e. this is branded, hence its leather belts must necessarily be made of leather.

What if I showed you this:

Or this:

It is no wonder that consumers aren’t willing to pay $20.00, let alone $100.00 or more, for a supposed leather replacement strap outside. They are also unwilling to pay the original branded price tag too, suspecting that the “leather” belt might end up peeling again.

So what is leather?

Leather is simply preserved animal skin and we actually know how skin deteriorates, or rather not deteriorate because we have them on our own bodies. If skin were to peel and crack as the above photos, humans would have been goners.

From another perspective, leather bags that boast prices in excess of $20,000.00 would have absolutely no basis whatsoever if leather deteriorated so easily and as such.

Also, soldiers would have to change their “leather” boots daily just by walking through vines and undergrowth as they inflict deep injuries into the sturdiest of real leather.


Armed with the knowledge above, I recommend Aquila, our very own home grown men’s fashion store.

With most belts priced at a little less than $100.00, customers are guaranteed full grain leather belts (the technical term for real leather).

Guaranteed material aside, Aquila also caters to a wide range of buckle structures and specifications such as thin belts, skinny belts, tracked ratchet belts, slide belts with no holes etc.

Fun fact

Thin belts are not the same as skinny/narrow belts!

“Thin”-ness, as the word suggests, refers to the thickness of your belt, not the width!

This is important because oftentimes, the most refined buckles demands 3mm thin (thickness) belts with fine stitching. The belt is but a supporting accessory to the buckle which itself is only a supporting accessory to how a gentleman carries himself in a sea of other accessories.

The buckle simply doesn’t allow belts thicker than 3mm, or 28mm wide (width) to be inserted into its clip.

This is but an example of how Aquila tailors your belts to both you and your buckle.

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