louis vuitton replacement belt strap

2nd replacement belt for dad’s LV buckle tailored with Aquila

I’ll let the photos do the talking.

louis vuitton replacement belt strap

My father is plus size (total belt length 55″) and this belt is Aquila’s double calf belt. You can see the LV buckle. We had bought the belt to replace the old Louis Vuitton belt at least five years ago.

The belt has already curved to fit my father’s hip contour.

louis vuitton replacement belt strap

To see the quality of Aquila’s replacement belt strap, we zoom in to where the curve is the greatest, where the holes are.

louis vuitton replacement belt strap

The holes are largely intact with light stretching. Despite its age (more than five years), there is no peeling nor cracking around this area where the greatest amount of stress has been exerted on.

This is a real “real leather belt”, or as we are taught by the tailors at Aquila, this is a full grain leather belt.

lv belt replacement

Both my Aquila replacement belts in one photo.

Black double calf replacement belt that has curved (top), and tan Italian veg tanned leather (bottom). My dad has slimmed down hurray(!). New belt length is 51″ instead of 55″.

Visit Aquila to give your branded buckle a new lease of life.

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