suede leather singapore

Getting serious with suede, the most luxurious of all leather types

There are many buzzwords in the leather industry and these include “Italian”, “box calf”, ” vegetable tanned”, names of the tanneries affiliated with their respective luxury brands etc; all for the purpose of association with class and luxury. Size up your own feelings when you hear the words “Italian leather”.

Yet they are a dime a dozen and aren’t all that exorbitant. They are literally everywhere as most craftsmen use them. Instagram hop for leather craft services and one will understand what I mean.

where to buy suede in singapore

Therefore, a fitting analogy in order to aid the understanding of “Italian leather” and all the other buzzwords is “100% cotton”. They are but staple products with a hefty price tag. My preferred leather are from South Asia.

Suede, on the other hand, akins to silk. It is difficult to come by on the supply side, difficult to work with on the demand end and is even harder to maintain when finished into products. Like silk, again. Think suede shoes or suede jackets.

If one is looking to purchase suede, look up Broadway Leather Company.

suede supplier singapore
suede leather singapore


AQUILA suede belts

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Visit AQUILA here.

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