diy christmas tree ornaments

My diy sustainable Christmas tree on wall

I felt strongly about making a Christmas tree this year because darling is a year and a half old and has begun to delight in things and atmosphere.

Already, I’m looking forward to her laughter and joy when opens her presents beneath our tree.

Making my tree out of leather scraps

sustainable christmas tree

I cut my tree canopy from a full sheet of green calf leather from Broadway Leather Company. It has a washed effect which looks like snow. Perfect.

Moreover, they are clearing stock which would otherwise be discarded eventually because of its colour and hence unpopularity.


sustainable christmas tree

Found some wood grain (embossed pattern) scraps that are so dry that they crack. Also perfect; that’s like the tree trunk with the occasional crack in the bark revealing the lighter flesh inside.

diy christmas tree

Found some scraps that are painted gold for my star : ))

christmas tree on wall

A trial in the evening at twilight. The height is good for this panel of wall. Furthermore, the tiled wall (as it was originally part of my kitchen) makes for easy pasting. I have no fears about using strong double sided tape or any adhesive that may stain a painted wall.

diy christmas tree on wall

Gifts are piling up for darling already just a day after we pasted our tree on the wall.

As at the time this photo was taken, wifey still didn’t know about these elaborate ornaments I made for darling. Can’t wait to show her… *squeal!*

diy christmas tree decorations

It just occurred to me on the morning of the eve of Christmas eve that perhaps I should make a cat (darling’s favouritest thing in the world), make that two, for darling.

Real genuine suede leather for my cats are from Broadway Leather Company.


sustainable christmas tree

Final shots of our tree and gifts mostly for darling.

leather christmas tree
how to celebrate christmas sustainably

Us enjoying ourselves : ))

Final word on celebrating Christmas sustainably

Sustainability amidst fun was the entire premise for my scrap leather Christmas tree. I am able to use it every year for at least 2 decades, easily.

However, the tree was but one aspect of our celebration. As much as we “saved” on that, we inevitably produced waste from presents gifted to us. Moreover, we are merely a single household.

Sorry to disappoint but I haven’t got an idea on how to be zero waste about Christmas. The least wifey and I can do is to teach our daughter about the consequences of consumerism and consumption, not just of products but of culture as well, and take concrete steps to reduce personal waste production as much as possible.

Happy holidays to all, from this 2020 post, forever : D

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