Where to customize a leather wallet in singapore


Introducing Aquila and Hocksalcis.


First let take a look at the wallets that are done by Aquila (swipe left and right).

  • where to get customized wallet in singapore


From the photos above (provided by Aquila), Aquila tailors shoes to gentlemen’s feet. She is a fashion brand with its own manufactory that first made its presence in 1978, supplying gents belts to well known department stores such as Robinson’s and John Little.

Aquila has since evolved to retail directly to the market, occupying a unique position as belt tailors, all while providing bespoke shoe services and custom gents bags and accessories such as crocodile bags and wallets.

At aquila they have a no nonsense approach towards their wallets, their range of wallet are all timeless design, its fairly straight forward to get a custom wallet from them, below is a swatches that you can choose the colors and patina effect you want the wallet to be in.


Next in line we have Hocks Alcis, Hocks Alcis has more than 10 years of leather crafting.

Competence, workmanship and confidence to deliver is honed by having been commissioned countless projects, many of which involves the use of expensive leather such as crocodile, ostrich and shell cordovan leather is concerned.

Furthermore, clients of Hocks Alcis do not merely take delight in simple projects such as minimalist cardholders and slim wallets of which most casual hobbyists can craft at home. Rather, clients of Hocks Alcis orders complex projects including briefcases, trunks, cigar cases, guitar bags etc.

The beauty lies in the amount of customization that they are able to do, pretty much everything can be customized, from the design, the colors, all the way to finer details such as creasing and thread colors. Just take a look at some of the photo samples that they have provided for our use. The sky is the limit when making a wallet with Hocks Alcis.

  • where to get customized leather wallet in Singapore
  • where to get custom leather wallet
  • customized leather wallet in Singapore

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