Can so tell grandmummy can no longer refrain herself from carrying her granddotter.

It is the big one snuggling with the small one. Not the other way lol.


"Detachment" is the word indeed. I am relieved by how quickly Wifey is cool with me returning to work. Her well being in my absence is top priority.

Detachment via work is a good way to unwind and to objectively assess the effects of a child on every member of the family. Every individual needs to take a break regardless of how much they want to be with our darling.

My flags are raised. I am super eager to fulfil my duties as a dad as mummy IS fulfilling hers 24 hours a day.

But now I got to plan ahead to post-confinement. The first thing is for mummy and daddy to go out without ah ger as well as for mummy to go out with her friends.

Super appreciative my mum-in-law loves bathing her granddaughter in the morning.

Darling literally disappears into the toilet without Wifey and I noticing. This allows us to sleep that little bit more after every sleep-disrupted night shift.

Mummy, I want to indent TWO bottles of 60ml expressed breast milk (EBM) for tomorrow.

Last night 45ml not enough. Tonight 75ml still insufficient. Let's try 120ml tomorrow night. See whether mummy can no need to wake up and breast feed and sleep through.

From the first poop squirt sound, give half hour before opening the diaper. Be sure to wake her just enough so that she squirms and keep the bowels moving.