My impressive résumé

Post graduation (beyond age 35)

  • 人家做工,我做阿公!(gf’s dad, 2012)

Post graduation (up to age 35)

  • I aim at being an already successful self-made businessman with a few small businesses
    • How I think I’ll do: I’ll let you know when I become a cash-rich millionaire

Post graduation (up to age 30)

  • Assumed role as 小头家/small towkay of Aquila Fashions Pte Ltd. My experiences are as follows:
    • Set up website which generates the bulk of company sales from both local and overseas (Apr 2009)
    • Secured and opened a shop (Nov 2010)
    • Closed the shop and fell out with a best friend as a result (July 2011)
    • Second shot at retail, downgraded to a pushcart in People’s Park (Aug 2011)
    • How I think I did: Not too bad. Plainly, I’m attending the school of hard knocks. Learning to grasp the rules of the business game.

University (National University of Singapore)

  • By invitation, pioneering Captain, performance team 2008, Social and Ballroom Dance Club, Cultural Activities Club, NUS
    • How I think I did: A great job but was ousted by a dictator who had an official post. I was but a de facto leader. Even the post I held was unofficial.
  • By invitation, House I/C, R-House, Orientation Week 2007, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Club, NUS
    • How I think I did: I tried my best but was unable to grasp the rules of the game of being a celebrity overseeing a House with members in excess of 120. Wanted a second shot at it in subsequent years but could not secure it.

National Service

  • Medic head, 3rd Coy, 1st Commando Battalion
    • How I think I did: Quietly doing my job. Was at best professional doing the minimum, considering I was struggling just performing the roles of being a fighting soldier.

Junior College (Anglo-Chinese Junior College)

  • Got grades CCB for A level exams
    • How I think I did: The worst two years of my life. The disastrous grades were the single greatest achievement of my living years till then because I broke my consistent record of exceptional performances for the first time in my life.

Secondary school (Anglo-Chinese Independent)

  • Company Sergeant Major, National Cadet Corps (Land), ACS (I)
    • How I think I did: Monkey see monkey do. I knew not the principles of being a leader and blindly followed my predecessors ways which were grossly wrong, on hindsight. I didn’t inspire confidence for a top appointment holder.
  • Got 7 distinctions and 2Bs for O level exams
    • How I think I did: Well within expectations. Music and English weren’t exactly my strengths.

Primary school (Anglo-Chinese Junior School)

  • Sixer, ACJS scouts troop
  • Appointed leader of the backseat gang of my school bus by the outgoing leader
    • How I think I did: Bad. The gang was gone a few weeks into my appointment.
  • Got 4 distinctions for PSLE
    • How I think I did: No sweat.

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