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My review of Ming Sing Construction: honest and reliable

Our nest by Ming Sing Construction

The guys at Ming Sing Construction are the ones who built everything inside Wifey’s and my home.

They are Case Trust Accredited.

Ming Sing Construction IG

Ming Sing Construction has been in business for over 30 years and their Case Trust Accreditation speaks volumes about their track record. Please do visit their IG at your convenience by tapping the following photos.

renovation tips singapore
renovation tips singapore
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Honesty at Ming Sing Construction

I strongly recommend their service.

Look for my Project Manager (MSC1512) in specific.

It isn’t about the price competition. Rather, it is beating the competition to honesty.

I mean, to be real, Wifey and I cannot expect to pay the lowest price for a decent job done, so while price was important, it wasn’t really number one in our heads.

Like most couples, we hear horror stories such as dripping wet paint jobs leaving behind unsightly dried up globules because of reliability issues and what not.

Honesty was of utmost importance and project manager MSC1512 delivered that, as well as shared with us a ton of tips and knowledge.


Their value add: consultation and tips

Any design details discussed on paper often looks great. That is until the renovation begins proper and there are practical problems that require the owner’s attention, i.e. yours and mine.

Wifey and I found that our project manager MSC1512 consulted us every time a decision has to be made that impacts longer term maintenance.

bto kitchen renovation

For example he recommended us to build sink supports under our kitchen sink, which are basically concrete walls on both sides to support its weight. If left to the wood carpentry alone, the sink and the quartz countertop may sag in the long run.

This isn’t standard fare discussion that an excited homeowner-to-be will come across when scouring the net for interior design ideas, and our project manager takes the pain to ensure that the structure behind the façade endures.

double leaf door

Another tip concerns the long tiles for herringbone pattern which Wifey and I wanted, completely opposite to the scandi-industrial theme which was all the rage then.

The long and short of it is that each long tile is often not completely flat and can curve along its length. If any one tile is not laid generally level to the ground, a corner can jut out and it would painful if one accidentally kicks it. Therefore, MSC1512 recommended the tiles to be not longer than 90cm since we really wanted the herringbone pattern.

More tips

There are more tips shared with us by MSC1512 than I can share in this post. Please visit my following post on tips.


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Visit AQUILA here.

Ming Sing Construction


$100.00 discount off Blum rack

This promotion is not retroactively applicable for current Ming Sing Construction clients.

This is a private arrangement between myself and my Ming Sing Construction project manager MSC1512 for my readers’ benefit.

It’s not much but it’s still something.

Terms and conditions apply.

Services at Ming Sing

hdb interior design singapore

Get a 3D design

Send Ming Sing a few photo examples of your ideal home and they will model a 3D design to your floor plan.

bto interior design ideas

Send in your 3D design

Already have a 3D design? Ming Sing can build your dream home for you.

Partial or full renovation

Customers seeking to renovate only certain sections of their homes such as toilets, feel free to approach Ming Sing.


Contact Ming Sing Construction

I did up a contact form for ease of contacting my project manager MSC1512 directly.

For manual emailing, please be sure to write my project manager’s code MSC1512 into the title when reaching out to Ming Sing Construction.


Send them a Message


Alleviating Wifey’s concern by self designing our 3 room BTO


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