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My review of main contractor Ming Sing Construction: honest and reliable

My living room

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Honesty at Ming Sing Construction

The guys at Ming Sing Construction are the ones who built everything inside my home.

I strongly recommend their service, in particular my Project Manager’s. It isn’t about the price competition. Rather, it is beating the competition to honesty.

At no point did I regret entrusting my project manager with the renovation of my home.

About Ming Sing

30 years in the business

Ming Sing has over 30 years of experience.

Case trust accredited

Ming Sing is one of the very few construction companies that is CASE TRUST ACCREDITED.

Tips Ming Sing Construction shared me

We can route your gas pipe within your kitchen cabinets such that they are completely concealed.

My project manager

Long tiles are often not completely flat. If you choose these tiles, we can mitigate the unevenness if they are not longer than 90cm.

My project manager

More tips!

Personal ad

Replacement belt strap for branded buckles

I replace the old leather belt strap on branded buckles for my customers with full grain leather belts. No PU, no PVC, no mix, no alternatives. The following are some examples.

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  • Ferragamo

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  • Braun Buffel

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  • Hermès

And many other brands such as Mont Blanc, Dunhill, Gucci, LV etc. To find out more about reusing your cherished buckle, please tap/click on any of the three belts above.

My bedroom

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My kitchen

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Services at Ming Sing

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Get a 3D design

Send Ming Sing a few photo examples of your ideal home and we will model a 3D design to your floor plan.

Send in your 3D design

Already have a 3D design? Ming Sing can build your dream home for you.

Partial renovation

Customers seeking to renovate only certain sections of their homes such as toilets, feel free to approach Ming Sing.

Contact Ming Sing Construction

Get in Touch

Please be sure to write my project manager’s code MSC1512 into the title when reaching out to Ming Sing Construction using the following form or contact details:

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See how I self 3D designed my 3 room BTO in the following link: