Hardwork, a concept

This post is dedicated to my brother.
When my brother was streamed into Normal (Academic), it was the first time I pondered about the word “hardwork”. It is unfair to him to say that:
1. He has failed, because
2. He is lazy.
Looking at my brother’s achievement in the Scouting movement till the present day, his position in the committee of his interest group in Temasek Polytechnic, I know my brother is due for success. He stands for everything that takes to become successful: hardwork, determination, perseverance, open mind, the continual honing of leadership skills.
Today, for the first time in a long while, I came head-on with my weaknesses. To reveal that I get B-‘s and C’s for my Sociology essays hurts, but only a little because I am immediately placed in my brother’s shoes. It took me 22 years to experience what my brother experienced at age 15: The social stigma associated with poor grades. He must have suffered alot, being only 15. However, having pulled through and is still in continuous search for himself, I am proud of you my dear brother :)
While there are indeed lazy students in school, lazy people in the society, they only form a minority. It is in my personal belief that most people would love to give of their best, and they do. Singaporeans are by no measure lazy people. What remains is the direction towards which the hardwork should be channelled.
Innate in each and every one of us is a unique skill that we can hone to wonderous perfection. World class footballers and their tricks, sportspersons, military snipers with such amazing accuracy, dancers who make people go, “Wow!”, even brilliant academics and scholars with marvelous grades are but only a few examples.
My brother will be a great leader.

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