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When a baby is a burden

I see in my baby girl not just joy, but also a metaphor of renewal, hope and a bright future. Yet, in the last one week, I was privileged a peak at a family in which the baby, while naturally drawing smiles and love from the family members as a function of animal instinct, is […]


Sturut girl bawled but blue screened right at her mummy's nipples. *poke poke* No response but eyes were open.

That laughter soon gave way to a mini chat about ah Jun HTHT-ing with Wifey. My sis, ah Jun and Wifey all cried within the immediate days of giving birth.

I can't be more grateful for my cousin and my sis giving all the love and support to my wife.

Wifey teared when she realised our 6-days old newborn is fast becoming an infant. She is now cherishing every moment before this beauty overload rooted in absolute innocence and natural wonder crosses into the phase of nurture and development.